About Our Cloth Diapers


Our Snappy Greens Hybrid-Fitted Diapers are made with the highest quality materials to ensure a long-lasting product you can be proud to put on your little one. We know how much you love your little one and when only the best is good enough; choose Snappy Greens.

The Hybrid Fitted Diaper comes in 3 sizes:
Newborn: Fits approx. 8-12 pounds 
Regular Fit One Size: Fits approx. 10 to 35 pounds. This is a trimmer fit, and is favored among parents with smaller babies, and smaller toddlers.
Toddler Fit One Size: Fits approx. 10 to 35+ pounds. This has an extra 1/4 inch around the diaper compared to the regular fit, and is favored among parents with chubby babies and larger toddlers.
There are 3 finishes to a Snappy Hybrid Diaper:
Turned: The diaper has a smooth edge, which is gentle on babies who have sensitive skin.
Serged: The diaper has a soft wooly nylon stitch on the edge, and provides a great fit for larger babies.
Comfort Serged: The wings and belly panel are serged, while the legs have a soft smooth finish.
*Fabric Content and Soaker System
Snappy Greens one size diapers (regular and toddler fit) features a fold down rise (FDR) to fit both small and large babies. Usually made with a knit outer, which provides extra stretch, providing the best fit possible. For extended use, we offer fleece or windpro outer diapers.
With a cute knit or fleece outer to choose from, and a super soaker system, this diaper is perfect for both day and extended use. This hybrid fitted diaper can last 3-4 hours during the day without a cover, but will need a cover for overnight use. A wool cover is recommended, but a PUL cover will work great too.
There are 3 soakers, the top 2 (Main and Small Soaker) have 2 layers each of heavy bamboo fleece topped with cotton velour, and the bottom T soaker has 1 layer of hemp/bamboo fleece topped with cotton velour. On the diaper is a knit outer, hidden poly fleece, and inner is cotton velour.
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This diaper is one size, fitting approx. 10-35 pounds. There are 2 finishes: turned and serged. Features a snap down rise so you can snap it to the size you need for your child.  The outer material is PUL, with a matching wicking jersey inner. There is an envelope style opening, so your inserts wash out by themselves! You may stuff this pocket diaper with our new Snappy insert system, or lay inserts on top to use the shell as a cover. 3 snaps cover each wing, with the outer snap used to help prevent wing droop. Two rows of snaps are used to ensure that the diaper shell remains in the right place during wear.*

*Fabric Content and Soaker System

Our insert system (sold separately) features 2 individual soakers that snap together. The long soaker has 3 layers: 2 outside layers of heavy bamboo fleece, with a layer of bamboo hemp fleece sandwiched between the other 2 layers. This long soaker may be snapped to the short soaker, or it can be snapped down to the middle to be made smaller for smaller babies. The small soaker has 2 layers of heavy bamboo fleece, which can be snapped to the large soaker or simply laid on top. This soaker is great for babies that need those extra layer of absorbency.
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