About us

Welcome to Snappy Greens! We are a work at home family, Rebecca and Dax Rushton. A little about us and Snappy Greens:

Rebecca started Snappy Greens in March 2013 because she wanted to do something for herself. I’m sure you know how that is, especially with kids! She wanted to build a business that was quick (Snappy) with creating custom handmade products that are what most moms are looking for (Green). Thus the name Snappy Greens was born.

Dax was very supportive and bought Rebecca a sewing machine, and she started making cloth wipes. Then, she started to practice more and learned how to make cloth diapers. She designed the Snappy Greens soaker system. Months after Snappy Greens diapers took off, she started adding new products. Now, in addition to cloth diapers, we make cloth trainers, Snappy Pants, and more children's clothing!

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