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Fleece Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper - Rainbowsaurus Fleece

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With Lime Bamboo Velour Inner

The Fleece Hybrids are perfect for naptime or night time use. While not every baby is created the same, most of the time this diaper can be used without a cover. However, a wool or PUL cover will help your baby remain extra dry.

***Please keep your fleece diaper shell out of the dryer to help it not pill up too much. You can put it in the dryer for a couple of minutes to help fluff up the diaper and not have it be so dry, crunchy feeling.***

This diaper is made with a fleece outer, hidden layer of fleece, and inside is a layer of soft cotton velour. The soakers have a layer of cotton velour, organic bamboo, and organic bamboo hemp. For more information on our diapers, please click here.