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Grow With Me Hooded Tank - Rainbow Turtles CL

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The Grow With Me Hooded tank has a single layer crossover hood, and waistband attached to the single layer cotton stretch jersey fabric in the chest. 

While the GWM style here is a bit less GWM with no sleeves, it has the same length as the regular pattern does. That means that if choosing a 3-6year size, it will be a longer fit for a 3 year old, but will fit like a normal hoodie tank for a 6 year old. The hood is also wider so it will fit longer like a normal GWM item does. 

2 week TAT - You may request a smaller size than what’s available, just add it to the notes. Rather have this as a Maui Tank top without the hood and waistband? Just request it in the notes at checkout, and let us know the size!