Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper, Sloths, CL Knit

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With Heather Grey Cotton Velour Inner

*Actual Bum Cut may vary! These are stock photos :)

The Snappy Greens Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper is a game changer! Great for daytime, even without a cover. This breathable and soft diaper will contain the leaks with the Snappy Greens Soaker System. When baby is wet, you will feel the dampness from the outside, signaling its time for changing.  

Needing a nighttime solution? The Snappy Greens Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper will help keep your baby dry overnight. You may also add a wool cover or a PUL cover for extra protection at night. 

This diaper is made with a knit outer, hidden layer of fleece, and inside is a layer of soft cotton velour. The soakers have a layer of cotton velour, organic bamboo, and organic bamboo hemp. For more information on our diapers, please click here.