Kids Underwear Subscription

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First time subscriber? Use code NEWSNAPPY for 10% off your first subscription order! No other coupon code is valid for subscription orders (including rep codes!). 

A surprise print each month! A couple things to note for new subscribers:
- The fabric is limited, so I will do my best to fit your order into this months fabric. However, if I run out of fabric, I will make your diaper or underwear with a surprise print. The next months subscription you will be guaranteed to get the months chosen print. 
- Please add a note into your order of what prints you’d like to see! This really helps me gauge what other colors and prints customers are looking for. 
- If you sign up today (before the 20th), you will be charged immediately, and again on the 5th of every month. You may cancel or skip your monthly sub.

Choose if you'd like to have 1, 2, or 3 pairs of underwear shipped to you each month! If you prefer different sizes for each pair, please specify in the notes section what sizes and gender you'd like for each pair of underwear. 

Shipping is included in this subscription. If you reside in Canada, please add the Add Canada Shipping Subscription to your cart. You will then be billed for the shipping and your regular subscription(s).

You are welcome to sign up for multiple subscriptions, based on your family's need! They will be billed on the same date each month, and shipped together at the same time.

If you sign up BEFORE the 20th of each month, you will then be billed on the 5th of each month. Your order will ship by the end of each month. Cancel anytime, or you can skip a month! I will start showing off the prints of the month at the beginning of each month. You will then have until the 5th to cancel or skip your subscription. Please email me at or message me on the Snappy Greens Facebook page if you have any issues or questions!

*After the first month, if you order 2 or 3 pairs of underwear of the same size, your first pair will be the print of the month, and the 2nd and 3rd pair will be fabric chosen from my stash.